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  • COVID-19 - TENNIS - 30/03/2020

    Tennis First had permission to continue running programs this week, but with the new government restrictions of 2 people we weren't able to conduct group lessons / match play for the final week of the term. As a result we decided to put all the lessons on hold (including private's) and conduct make up lesson for it next term. We will keep everyone in contact and looking forward to get back on court soon! 

    Ps: ANZ hot shots programs has already finished last week as that was the make up done, as we normally finished hot shot programs on week 8.

    Keep safe and take care! 

  • COVID-19 - 29/03/2020

    New update will be posted on 1.30pm - Monday 30th March 

    Please come back and visit this page then for latest on week 10 lessons

  • Tennis COVID-19 - 27/3/2020

    Tennis Lesson are still running on.

    ***New Additional Measures***

    -          Coaches will be the only one to use ball tubes to avoid pupils to handling balls

    -          Balls & Equipment will be sanitized more frequently & seating chairs surrounding courts will be more spaced out 

    -          More social distancing upon coaches & pupils throughout the lessons

    -          We will keep reminding pupils to wash their hands before & after as NEW spray antibacterial spray bottles will be provided per court for pupils to use

  • ABC NEWS - COVID-19 - 25/03/2020

    ABC Health & Wellbeing - By science reporter Suzannah Lyons and Amanda Smith for Sporty - 24/03/2020

    Coronavirus has closed the gyms, but are running, walking and cycling still safe exercise options?

    The gyms are now closed.

    They, and other indoor sporting venues, shut their doors midday local time on Monday, after the state and Federal governments' coronavirus shutdown. So how can you stay safe AND active right now.

    Exercise outdoors, while you still can If you're not self-isolating or unwell, the experts agree you and your family can still go outside to exercise at this stage. But you must practise social distancing, keep up good hygiene practices, and wash your hands when you get home.

    This advice may change in the event of widespread community transmission of this coronavirus, said Adam Kamradt-Scott, an expert in the spread and control of infectious diseases at the University of Sydney.

    So walking, cycling and running are still on the menu, as are outdoor sports like golf and tennis although you'll likely find your local golf course or tennis club will have implemented extra hygiene measures to abide by.

    Full Artical from ABC News - Click Link Below

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