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Tennis First Academy

Programs - Adult Coaching

Private Lessons

Beginners to Advance.

One-on-one tuition is available early afternoon through to evening with our experienced coaching team. Its suitable for all standards of players: The perfect introduction to the game for beginners even if you never picked up a racquet before and wanting to learn the basics, While Intermediate/advanced players can improve and develop advanced strokes, slice, topspin, physical and psychological skills for tournaments and competitions of all levels.

  • Lessons 1 hour / 45mins / 30mins
  • All Standards - Beginners to Advanced
  • Private lessons are the optimal method of improving your game!
  • We offer part payment options for term fees if required (contact us)
30 minutes,
10 week term
| 350 Enrol Now
45 minutes,
10 week term
| 550 Enrol Now
60 minutes,
10 week term
| 700 Enrol Now

Group Coaching

Suitable for all standards of players.

It's never too late to learn how to play tennis! If you are looking for a fun, low cost and social way to learn the game this is the program for you. Run by our highly experienced coaches you will find our coaching groups very helpful in constructing your game. For those who are interested in improving their game to develop enough confidence to participate in our adult competitions, this is also a terrific pathway for you. We have 3 different levels available: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

  • 1 hour lesson
  • Max 6 adults per class
  • Weeknights 
  • All standards - beginners to advanced
  • Emphasis on stroke production, consistency, match play and fitness

60 minutes,
10 week term
| 170 Enrol Now

Social Match Play

Suitable for social & comp level players.

Join us for a fun night of social tennis, a great way to meet people while getting fit and having fun. Play a few games of doubles/singles in a friendly atmosphere. One of our coach members will be on hand to provide valuable tips to improve your game. After you've enjoyed a few games, sit back and enjoy refreshments. Meet a group of fellow tennis enthusiasts as its open for players seeking match play. TFA staff team will organise all matches and pair people up of the same standard on court.

  • Approx 1.5hr
  • Includes coach feedback on players request
  • Mixed doubles and singles
  • Quick Play - Eg Fast Four Format
90 minutes,
8 week term
| 99 Enrol Now

Semi - Private Lessons

Fast track development.

A low coach/student ratio enables the coach to concentrate and develop technique, rally ability and match play. Ideal for pupils wanting to train together (tennis buddies/elite players/friends/family). This program can even cater for different levels & ages. Also competition/tournament level players seeking to focus on strategies & tactics for match play preparation. Ball machine & video analysis can be used on request to maximise your results!

  • Lessons 1 hour or 30 minutes
  • 2 to 4 players can be catered for in the semi private program
  • If need of second player please email us and we can try to find someone in your level to do lessons with.

Costs are based on per person below 

30 minutes,
10 week term
| 200 Enrol Now
60 minutes,
10 week term
| 375 Enrol Now

University Learn & Play Program

Designed for Western Sydney students wanting too learn & play tennis at our Bankstown Campus venue. Must present ID card to obtain this special discount.

  • Learn & Play Tennis Programs designed for UWS students
  • Mixed class - All standards - Fun & Social
  • 1 hour sessions
  • Racquets supplied
  • 20% off discount for Western Sydney University students

60 minutes,
10 week term
| 130 Enrol Now

Single Private Session

Suitable for all standard level

This option of program is available for adults seeking a single session and cannot commitment into our full term private program. This 1 hour session will cater all standards of levels and it’s the perfect way to improve on what "you" are seeking such as basics stroke production for pure beginners, technique, advanced footwork patterns, types of serves and more in this single session you can book as many times as needed.

  • Single sessions - for players seeking a non commitment term
  • Lessons 1 hour or 30 minutes
  • Beginners to Elite levels

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Fit Bit Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is Tennis Australia's brand new group tennis and fitness class where the emphasis is less on tennis technique and more about getting a great cardio workout, so it's perfect for people of any age or skill level. While Cardio Tennis still incorporates many tennis drills and activities, it's the combination of these drills with cardio bursts and aerobic exercise that gives participants a fantastic all-round cardio workout.

Set to high-energy music, Cardio Tennis also incorporates the use of heart rate monitors and regular heart rate checks to ensure participants are maintaining a heart rate in their ideal zone and are enjoying maximum fitness benefits from the class.

60 minutes,
6 week term
| 120 Enrol Now