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- Term 4 2023 registrations are now closed

- Now accepting new trials & enrolments for the upcoming term 1 2024.

- Use your 2023 Active Kids $50 Voucher before it expires! This can be used for the upcoming term 1 fees that Automatically Discounted When Submitting On Checkout 

Adult Coaching




NEW Cardio Tennis is a tennis workout program catering to all fitness levels. Bringing together a variety of cardio workouts, and a range of fun tennis drills, all to a high-energy soundtrack. The program is focused on leading a healthy, fun, and active lifestyle.


(1) Cardio Lite - Entry Level

The low-impact session getting people active and learning tennis in a relaxed environment. For people who would love to get into tennis.

(2) Cardio Play - Point Play

The point play session focuses on intense rallies and competitive team games. For people who love to play points.

(3) Cardio Classic - All-Rounder

The balanced session blends drills and playing with high energy. For people who love working up a sweat.

(4) Cardio Max - Intense Drills

The high-intensity session that focuses on tennis drill and a high volume of hitting. For people who love pushing their limits.

What equipment do I need to play?

  • A tennis racquet (BYO Racquet or borrow from us!)
  • Your favorite workout gear
  • Trainers (or acceptable footwear).
  • Water bottle or sports drink
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Group Coaching

Suitable for all standards of players.

It's never too late to learn how to play tennis! If you are looking for a fun, low cost and social way to learn the game this is the program for you. Run by our highly experienced coaches you will find our coaching groups very helpful in constructing your game. For those who are interested in improving their game to develop enough confidence to participate in our adult competitions, this is also a terrific pathway for you.

  • 1 hour lesson
  • All standards - beginners to advanced
  • Emphasis on stroke production, consistency, match play and fitness

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Private Lessons

Beginners to Advanced.

It's suitable for all standards of adult players: The perfect introduction to the game for beginners even if you never picked up a racquet before and want to learn the basics, While Intermediate/advanced players can improve and develop advanced strokes, slice, topspin, physical and psychological skills for all levels.

  • Lessons 30 mins / 1 hour
  • Private lessons are the optimal method of improving your game!
  • Part-payment option can be offered if needed (contact us)
  • BYO Tennis Racquet OR Purchase one at checkout & get 50% OFF RRP!!
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Semi - Private Lessons

Fast track development.

A low coach/student ratio enables the coach to concentrate and develop technique, rally ability, and match play. Ideal for pupils wanting to train together (tennis buddies/elite players/friends/family). This program can even cater for different levels & ages. Also, competition/tournament level players seek to focus on strategies & tactics for match play preparation. Ball machine & video analysis can be used on request to maximize your results!

Term cost will depend on how many weeks are in/left in the school term

Per Lesson Cost Below x weeks of term

  • 2 players $30pp (30 minute lessons)
  • 2 players $45pp (1 hour lessons)
  • 3-4 players $40pp (1 hour lessons)

If you cannot find another player to partner / join in this program, please contact us and we will try to find someone for you in the same age / level.

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University / Tafe Group Lessons

University & Tafe students wanting to learn & play tennis. Must present a student ID card to obtain this special discount - once enrolled scan and email student id number to

  • Learn & Play Tennis Programs
  • All standards / Mixed classes
  • 1-hour lesson - 10 weeks
  • BYO Tennis Racquet OR Purchase one at checkout & get 50% OFF RRP!!

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