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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Tennis First Academy Team live and breathe in tennis and our philosophy is to coach tennis professionally in all level standards to achieve their maximum goals both on and off court. TFA structures personalized, competitive and team based training approach in an environment that nurtures potential and develops excellence.

"Great tennis players are developed, not born"

Our TFA system integrates all aspects of training: from beginner / junior level right through to the elite level of play.

TFA specializes in physical, technical, tactical, mental, nutritional, regenerative and social play. During our sessions, students will work on and off court techniques, the strategies of playing the game, constructive practice sessions, movement, and the mental necessities pupils must accept and deal with when they play competitively because we strongly believe our TFA system is based on a universal philosophy that every individual is unique.

No two individuals think or act alike. As a result, each student is trained through a custom made program that is specifically designed to highlight their strengths as weapons and improve their weaknesses to eliminate vulnerability and finally the physical development of the body and how to use it no matter what happens.

One of our simple an everyday philosophy is to coach people not just skills. It is not only about producing tennis players, but also about helping students develop in all walks of life.

Yours in Tennis and Health

Tennis First Academy... "Where Tennis comes First"